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Letter: Solar panel owners pay for basic service

Solar panel owners pay for basic service

I can’t stand it anymore! Too many times I’ve read that solar panel owners “avoid paying for use of the grid,” most recently in the July 9 News article, “Rooftop solar growth falls by 2 percent.” I have solar panels on my house and in some months of the year I use no net electricity, but I always pay a minimum of $18.17 for “basic service” (look for this on your utility bill).

Ironically, in past years my utility has offered to supply electricity from “100 percent renewable sources,” which I signed up for. So I say to my utility company and all the others across the country: Don’t beat ’em, join ’em. Get in the solar panel and wind turbine business and make money. You’ll still get your “basic service,” but make even more by diversifying and preparing for the future.

David Irvin


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