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Letter: Pilot seeking prayers could cause a panic

Pilot seeking prayers could cause a panic

A July 8 letter writer opined that “prayer seems like a good idea if you fear plane will crash.” He stated that a pilot on an Airbus flight “asked the passengers to pray” during a scary experience.

If a pilot in such a case chooses to pray to himself, that is fine. However, a pilot must first and foremost have nerves of steel. Calling for passengers to pray during times of danger can be viewed as signs of weakness and desperation, and could cause passengers to panic. That is why such a call, is, indeed, “unprofessional,” as an “aviation analyst expert” pointed out.

The letter writer also asked if it is unprofessional for a soldier to pray before going into battle. Again, if soldiers want to pray to themselves, that is fine. But, as leaders of the Military Foundation for Religious Freedom repeatedly show, calling for other soldiers to pray can threaten unity by demoralizing soldiers from other religions or no religion at all. Besides, some contend that calling for such prayers in the military is unconstitutional.

Passengers’ decisions whether to pray should be their own. Moreover, one person’s private prayer should be easily heard by an omniscient God.

Norm Allen


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