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Letter: Great nation is trapped in a self-destructive war

Great nation is trapped in a self-destructive war

Incessant noise and nonsense, a scenario reminiscent of the tower of Babel. There is not a nation, not one able to function rationally, advance, yet sustain itself in an environment that is increasingly self-destructive. Invariably, in governance, there will be dissent, honest misunderstandings, competing ideologies and the never-ending struggle for power. However, the common good must always and ever be the pre-eminent concern.

Framing divisive issues, structuring arguments and developing solutions to society’s problems requires fact-based strategies; not deceit, not support for proven, bankrupt ideologies, not false scenarios, not baseless accusations or demeaning dialogue.

Our great nation is at this very moment trapped in a self-destructive time warp characterized by a debasing and nonsensical war of untruths. Why are we so very willing to accept unproven accusations of demeaning human and political behavior? More importantly, why are so many people willing to disrupt or, worse, destroy the reputations of opponents?

Non-truths hide reality and invariably place our democracy at risk. America is strong but deceit in its many forms will bring the wall of freedom tumbling down.

Nicholas D. Mecca


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