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Letter: Allow Paladino to finish his term, with stipulations

Allow Paladino to finish his term, with stipulations

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia has a difficult decision to make. She will have to determine whether to terminate Carl Paladino’s membership on the Buffalo Board of Education for his failing to adhere to a board bylaw ensuring information discussed during executive sessions be held in confidence. We do not support Paladino’s racist comments and inappropriate behavior. We wonder, however, whether Elia could decide to keep Paladino on the board, insisting he behave in a manner befitting his elected position. We are concerned that a decision to dismiss him will result in court appeals leading to time taken away from the vital School Board business of improving the education our children receive, not to mention added legal fees.

Elia could instead require Paladino to perform community service obligating him to teach students the importance of setting a positive example as a leader in the community and adhering to the rules governing the administration of his elected position. He could talk about his admitted regrets for using inappropriate language directed at the Obamas. He could explain why these comments are racist and disrespectful toward our former president and his wife. Paladino could teach that leadership means working proactively in a positive manner with those who have different opinions from one’s self.

What an important lesson he could learn and provide, and what a benefit Elia could offer not only to those students living in Buffalo but everywhere.

Larry and Lucille Sherlick


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