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Poll: New Yorkers dislike idea of a 'President Cuomo'

ALBANY – Despite statewide fly-arounds announcing big government grants, projects and other initiatives, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s standing with New Yorkers has dropped to its lowest level in nearly two years, a new poll has found.

The Quinnipiac University poll out Wednesday morning shows Cuomo gets a positive job approval rating from 46 percent of voters statewide. In upstate, the numbers sour significantly, with just 37 percent giving him a positive approval rating.

And as Cuomo talks more and more about national issues, 55 percent of New Yorkers say he should not run for the White House and 56 percent say he would not make a good president.

On the upside, 54 percent of New Yorkers think Cuomo should be a leader in challenging the policies of President Trump. Sixty-three percent of New Yorkers disapprove of the job Trump is doing in office, down from 67 percent in March. Also on the positive side for Cuomo, 65 percent say he has strong leadership qualities.

The poll numbers for the Democratic governor occur in one of the nation’s bluest states. Democrats outnumber Republicans by some 2-to-1. Just 50 percent of respondents who are registered Democrats think he should run for president.

Cuomo talks more and more like a president, or at least a candidate

The results come after a messier-than-usual state budget process in April,  and derailments and overcrowding on the New York City subway system that Cuomo is in charge of. Still ahead are the  trials of eight individuals, including people close to Cuomo, involved in alleged bid-rigging and bribery schemes. New York City's subway problems resulted in nearly one-fourth of residents there giving Cuomo an “F” for his handling of the nation’s largest mass transit system.

Cuomo’s approval numbers have dropped considerably among residents in New York City, since the last Quinnipiac poll in March. Upstate voters’ views of Cuomo's job performance went from 43 percent positive and 41 percent negative in March down to 37 percent positive and 48 percent negative in the new poll, which was conducted July 5 through July 10 of 1,137 registered voters. The poll has a margin of error of 3.9 percentage points.

When asked if they believe Cuomo is honest and trustworthy, 46 percent said yes and 40 percent said no. The rest either said they didn’t know or didn’t have a response.

Of all the statewide officeholders, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, a Brooklyn Democrat, scored highest, with 55 percent approving of the job he is doing in office compared with 34 percent who give him a negative rating.

Broken out by categories, the only majority of voters who thinks Cuomo should run for president are non-whites. Sixty-six percent of upstate voters don’t believe Cuomo would make a good president; in the downstate suburbs, 52 percent hold that view while 48 percent of New York City residents say he would not be a good president.

Cuomo’s overall job performance rating today is the lowest since a Quinnipiac poll in September 2015. At that time, voters were split – 43 percent positive and 43 percent negative – on his job performance. That was also his lowest score since taking office in 2011.

Cuomo is weighing a 2018 re-election bid for a third term as governor.

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