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Letter: Wind developments can’t meet demand

Wind developments can’t meet demand

The July 3 News article, “Small towns are resisting large-scale wind farms,” provides very good insight into several towns’ efforts to restrict industrialization of their communities with massive wind turbines, despite New York State’s Article 10 process, which strips constitutionally guaranteed home rule from these communities and gives the decision authority to a state siting board, the majority of whom are Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointees, who are more than happy to bow to his agenda.

The article also stated the nameplate capacity of two current wind developments (I refuse to call them farms) which, due to the intermittent nature of wind, in no way reflects their actual output. Data from the New York Independent System Operator shows that power output throughout the year averages 26 percent of nameplate capacity, and output during the hot summer months, when demand for power is highest, averages 12 percent of nameplate capacity. When a wind energy developer touts a “200 megawatt facility,” take it with a large dose of grains of salt.

Steve Royce


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