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Letter: ‘We the people’ need to unite our country

‘We the people’ need to unite our country

The United States of America. “United” being the operative word, as in the old saying, “united we stand, divided we fall.” The Native Americans are the original inhabitants of our country. The rest of us have familial roots in other countries. Being an American means the blending of cultures: keeping some of our family’s traditions, embracing some traditions of our fellow citizens, working toward a better unity of language and collective humane goals.

Embracing our similarities and learning from our differences is what moves our country forward in not making the same mistakes previously made, not trying to make this the country our families came from, and making a better life attainable for all. This path does not include taking advantage of one another, nor duping others, nor assault, nor stealing.

This is our, the people’s, country. We should not expect “powers that be” to be infallible in moving us in the right direction. We the people need to help ourselves and each other. Small positive actions, put together, produce amazing results. Keeping our eyes open. Speaking up and helping when needed. Not convincing ourselves we, or others, are doing the right thing when we/they are not. United we stand. I have your back. I trust you to have mine.

Mary McCarthy


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