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Letter: Terrorists have succeeded in eroding our freedoms

Terrorists have succeeded in eroding our freedoms

Recent reports of a woman turned away from Fourth of July fireworks due to the size of her purse reveal the effects of terrorism on our daily lives. Following any terror event, we are told that we will move on with our lives to show the terrorists that they have no impact and their violent attempts to steal our liberties have failed and they have only made us stronger. In this case, the terrorists have taken away our ability to gather as a peaceful assembly to celebrate our nation’s independence. We are now measuring purse sizes, walking through metal detectors and cooperating in physical pat-downs as part of our normal lives.

I understand that in this case, protocol was being followed. Blame should not be placed on the individual who denied the woman’s admission to the celebration. I also understand that certain measures must be taken to ensure that large public gatherings will not be soft targets for terrorist activity. We must recognize that we need to live our lives and do so with reasonable expectations of safety and the willingness to sacrifice some level of convenience in recognition of threat of terrorism in modern day life, but must we sacrifice dignity?

Rules without reason will ultimately allow terrorists to succeed in eroding the individual freedoms that have been enjoyed by many. Jacky Roberts is a perfect example of this.

Robert Smith


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