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Letter: You won’t make much while driving for Uber

You won’t make much while driving for Uber

I was an Uber driver in Florida for three months. It isn’t what it seems.

I attempted to pick up a passenger who entered the wrong address. After 30 minutes of cellphone calls, I was able to find her, pick her up with her groceries and drop her off at home. Since 95 percent of all passengers do not tip, I did not receive one. Uber calculations gave me $2.52 for the trip, since the mileage to her home was low. Considering gas cost, insurance, wear and tear, mileage and 45 minutes of my time, I lost money on the trip.

Another non-benefit: I will have to claim the $2.52 on my federal and state income tax. Uber drivers enjoy; the ride is on you.

Mario Bonafede

Town of Tonawanda

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