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Letter: Tolerance, civility needed in nation’s public discourse

Tolerance, civility needed in nation’s public discourse

My gratitude and compliments to Linda Drajem, the author of the July 4 My View column. In unpacking each paragraph of her marvelous article, we find neatly folded reasons that inspire her in her present important work helping refugees in our community. More than that, her words are a heartfelt paean to the values of freedom, tolerance and civility in public discourse, which our nation has (in its finest hours) embraced, and, in spite of present wrenching distractions emanating from Washington, make us that shining beacon on a hill many of us believe in so passionately.

In this era of the attempted rending of the Western liberal tradition, a concept that has produced peaceful international cooperation on a scale the world had never known before, it is voices like Drajem’s that urge us to find – in the hallowed language of Abraham Lincoln – the “angels of our better natures.”

Judith Geer


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