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Bucky Gleason's Power Take: Pro leagues could remove artillery from tanking teams

The Jets appear to be in full tank mode this season in an effort to solve persistent problems, starting with quarterback. The 76ers tanked for years, loading up on high draft picks with hopes of building a winner. The Sabres embraced winning-is-losing for two years while searching for franchise players.

How this practice continues is a mystery, especially when there's a simple solution that would penalize teams compromising the spirit of competition while rewarding teams that give an honest effort but fall short. No professional sports league should encourage losing.

In the NFL and MLB, draft order is determined by turning the standings upside down, with worst team from the previous year getting the first pick. The NBA and NHL use lottery systems, giving teams with the worst record the best odds.

For the umpteenth time: Award the first pick (or best lottery odds) to the best non-playoff team. In the NBA and NHL, the team with the 17th-best record would get the best odds, followed by team finishing 18th and so on.

It would give teams incentive to win every night, encourage bad teams to get better and bring value to late-season games between non-playoff teams.

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