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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending March 10, 2017.

• 9929 Ridge Road, Duane E. Swann to Fannie Mae, $81,485.

• Portage St., 442-446 Center St to Degiulio Drugs, $335,000.
• 5878 Kline Road, Deborah J. Neal; Denis E. Neal; Tricia Vacanti to Tori B. Mckee, $148,000.
• 964 Elliott Drive, Dominic A. Colucci; Wendy A. Colucci to Dominic A. Colucci, $56,501.

• Lakeview Parkway, Deanna J. Castle; Joseph D. Castle; Joseph M. Castle; Susan C. Castle; Molly Conley; Deanna J. Hebeler; Molly Castle Peer to Leonard T. Bower; Miranda K. Bower, $101,760.
• Lakeview Parkway, Joseph D. Castle; Morris L. Horwitz to Leonard T. Bower; Miranda K. Bower, $101,760.
• Morrow Ave., Kathleen G. Kirk; Steven H. Kirk to Nicole A. Payne, $92,500.
• Clinton St., Scott R. Herald to Buffy Dubois; Donald Dubois Jr., $61,800.
• Irving St., Dennis J. Mckeever; Susan M. Mckeever to Christopher M. Cook, $60,100.
• 80 & 187 Corinthia St., Debbie C. Meloon; John Meloon; John G. Meloon to Bb Property Holdings, $26,000.

• 10 Gothic Ledge, Gloria K. Collins; Raymond D. Roehner to Cheryl Jaquin; Fred P. Jaquin, $235,000.
• Royal Pkwy North, Jayne Davignon; Matthew F. Davignon; Jayne Garlapow to Matthew D. Wright; Nicole A. Wright, $160,000.
• Northview Drive, William J. Morgan Jr. to Kari L. Webster, $108,000.
• 5959 Bowmiller Road, Caliber Real Estate Services -Atty; Lsf8 Master Participation Trust /atty; US Bank National Assoc -Tr /atty to Jeremy Everett; Nicole Everett, $69,900.

• 6269 Ridge Road, Cora M. Stockwell to Sherry Senchoway, $99,500.
• 1565 Lockport St., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Eileen M. Jones, $38,000.

• 99th St., Diane Adamek; Barbara Jordan; Barbara A. Jordan; Frank R. Jordan to Lucien H. Davis, $84,800.
• 453 24th St., DHGF to Horizon Trust Company, $61,500.
• 76th St., Daniel J. Greg to Nicole E. Turvey, $58,300.
• 2953 Weston Ave., Thomas Singer to Nationstar Mortgage, $57,949.
• 1445 100th St., Christiana Trust -Tr /att; Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust /att; Rushmore Loan Management Services -Att; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb -Tr /att to Joseph B. Kujawa, $55,000.
• Weston Ave., Neil Hickey to Angelina M. Hamilton, $50,000.
• 217 Beckwith Ave., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to Michael T. Doktor, $48,000.
• 151 71st St., Ronald R. Gorczynski; Thomas S. Gorczynski; Diane Tarapacki to Keshwender Malli; Satwant Singh, $36,000.
• 464 13th St., Carl Watkins to Fallsconnection Holdings, $33,000.
• 22-26 B St., Bayview Loan Servicing to Kevin J. Baker; Anne Marie Phillips-Baker, $31,111.
• 1356 Cleveland Ave., Charles J. Hinks; Charles R. Hinks to Clifford D. Booze; Robin I. Booze, $30,000.
• 148 63rd St., Kevin D. Paul to Lisa Graff, $28,000.
• 9506 Cayuga Drive, Susanne Schueler to Citizens Bank NA, $17,841.
• 784 15th St., Anthony Thompson to Fallsconnection Holdings, $15,000.
• 614 20th St., James Faso to Danielle Canazzi Ira; Equity Trust Company -Cust, $14,000.
• 1934 Lasalle Ave., Yhk Properties to Kc Erie Niagara Properties, $12,500.
• 668 67 St., Robert Hinks to Michael Williams, $8,000.

• Niagara Parkway, Kelly A. Taylor to Erika Lynne Batt First Party Supplement Needs Trust, $175,000.
• Meadowbrook Drive, Richard J. Papaj Jr. to Reginald T. Powell, $145,000.
• 750 Revere Ave., Adena F. Sexton; Adena F. Wright to Christiana Trust -Tr; Nnpl Trust Series 2012-1; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb -Tr, $104,365.
• 1405 Doebler Drive, Douglas Orlowski to Darko Vranic; Erica Vranic, $85,000.
• 63 8th Ave., Fallsconnection Holdings to Rachel Waite, $48,000.

• Washington St., Ronald Seiler to Jayne Davignon; Matthew Davignon, $236,000.

• 2363 Harwood Ave., Secretary of U S Department of Housing And Urban Devel to John S. Murawski Jr., $39,000.

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