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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending March 17.

• Comstock Road, Alfred Osborne; Camille Osborne to Linda K. Malczewsky; Michael P. Ogrady Jr., $250,000.
• 5182 Ridge Road, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Tyler J. Booth, $69,000.

• 813 Hackney Lane, Judith R. Talarico; Samuel A. Talarico to Jennifer L. Talarico, $175,000.
• Elliott Drive, Melissa Ann Mazzarella to Kenneth Bryan; Carla Fasso, $86,000.

• 75 Massachusetts Ave., Lynn M. Dodge to Adam M. Turton, $79,500.
• South Niagara St., Kathleen J Whitehead Irrevocable Trust; Kathleen J. Whitehead; Mark D. Whitehead to Douglas P. Snow, $48,000.

• 5389 Ernst Road, Charles K. Murphy; Gary L. Murphy to Christian A. Hawkes; Hannah Mattiuzzo, $144,000.

• Rivershore Drive, Kimberly G. Cleveland; Michael L. Cleveland to Jamie S. Henwood, $150,000.
• 1412 95th St., Michael W. Williams to State of New York Mortgage Agency, $87,666.
• Garrett Ave., Amy E. Duncan; Amy E. Hamilton to Micheline Bevacqua, $72,000.
• 3803 Macklem Aka 3803 Macklem Ave., Edward M. White to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $70,139.
• 481 72nd St., Ronald L. Harbridge to Obaid Naeem; Zohaib Naeem, $65,000.
• South Ave., Patricia Brush; Gene Anthony Nichele; Gino Nichele Jr.; Patricia L. Saia to Carlos Nieves, $65,000.
• 3022 Falls St., Anthony Lasher to Fannie Mae, $59,448.
• 493 18th St., Canazzi Ira Keith; Equity Trust Company -Cust to H E A L International Holdings, $54,000.
• 81st St., Scott A. Culbert to Mariah D. Casilio; Christopher L. Lee, $37,000.
• Munson Ave., Florence M. White to Dawn E. Jamieson; Roland P. Jamieson, $15,000.
• 636 17th St., David A Gallo & Assoc Llp -Att; Fannie Mae /att to Lt Estates, $15,000.

• 142 Homestead Drive, Carol J. Sattelberg to Karen Held, $131,900.

• Wilcox St., Mary H. Eadie; Joseph F. Okoniewski; Judith A. Okoniewski to Jillian R. Brown; Nicholas M. Brown, $137,000.

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