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New kitchen stools? I'll have to sit on it

It’s been a couple years since one of the counter-height stools in our kitchen was smashed beyond repair – by our cat. He was a jumper by nature – long, lean and a troublemaker. But we loved him (most of the time) and miss him now that he is prancing around cat heaven.

Back in his younger days – and despite our efforts to keep him indoors – he would occasionally escape through the door only to be discovered minutes later on the roof of our attached garage. Pleased with himself, his aerial stunt completed, Gump would happily come back inside by jumping through a bedroom window we would open for him.

The kitchen stool incident happened when Gump decided to take one giant leap for catkind. Flying through the air, he attempted to land on the back of one of the counter stools. At least I think that was his plan. We never discussed it.

Instead, the stool fell backward, hitting the ceramic floor with a loud crash. The floor was fine. The stool was not. Gump acted as if nothing happened.

But today I am not telling cat tales. I am writing about my search for new stools.

Back then we had three stools, two high-back ones on the side of the kitchen peninsula, another slightly different style but in the same rubbed black finish placed at the end. That was the daughter’s chair. It all looked fine because the two side-by-side stools matched and the end one “blended in.”

After the one stool lost its identical twin – thanks to Gump – I placed the unmatching black ones side by side and brought up from the basement an old round stool – this one with white legs and light wood seat – for the end spot.

Now, nothing matched. Nothing seemed to blend anymore. The original stools had since been discontinued so that was not an option. So my casual, infrequent search for new stools began.

I never expected to find so many options – especially online. Swivel or stationary? High back, low back or backless? Upholstered, cushioned or bare-boned? Streamlined or chunky? Pricey or clearance priced?

Stools totally unlike our previous black ones caught my eye.

I came across Parsons-style stools upholstered in either leather and leatherette. Then I remembered that Gump’s claws would likely do a real number on them, once he discovered a new place to wreak havoc.

Then I considered clear acrylic counter stools on chrome frames. Airy and cool-looking but a bit out of my budget.

One day, I dragged home some metal stools, but they did not pass the family test. I think I heard something about them resembling tin foil. And then something about them wobbling. So back they went.

Is this the highest priority in my life right now? Of course not. But it is a matter I hope to resolve someday soon – and one that seems to be taking longer than it did shopping for my last car.

In the meantime, I figure if we keep tossing sweatshirts over the stools, no one will notice they don’t match.

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