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Letter: Two sides of Trump leave many puzzled

Two sides of Trump leave many puzzled

So far it is clear to me that there are in fact two Donald Trumps. The first is the man who has made many promises, a lot I actually support!

He keeps talking about medical care that is cheaper and covers all Americans. How about jobs for the steel workers, coal miners and in manufacturing? He promised to make city streets safe for all Americans. He wants tax cuts for all Americans. He proposes a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep out the “bad” people and says Mexico will pay for it. Our standing in the world, he says, will improve as we get our allies to pick up a bigger share of the costs of defense. He will get North Korea, Russia and China to be more cooperative and friendly with us. As his red hat declared, he will “Make America Great Again.”

But then there is the other, not so nice Donald Trump. The bully who fights fire with fire as he goes after every perceived slight. The “fake news” folks are constantly in his crosshairs. He even attacks attractive women for daring to anger him. His tweets go all the way to the top of the food chain.

Out-of-office presidents are known for their presidential libraries or museums. Thanks to the folks at Comedy Central and Trevor Noah, Trump already has a tweet museum in New York City.

Robert Snyder

Clarence Center

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