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Letter: Prayer seems like good idea if you fear plane will crash

Prayer seems like good idea if you fear plane will crash

Last week, there was an Airbus flight that experienced a violent shaking after being aloft for over an hour. Apparently the pilot was very concerned and unable to stop what was happening. He decided to turn around and go back to his point of origin, hoping to bring the plane and all its passengers to safety without a serious mishap or crash, and asked the passengers to pray.

The evening news aired an interview with an “aviation analyst expert” who stated that the pilot’s request for the passengers to pray was very unprofessional.

Excuse me! When facing the possibility of death, saying a prayer to the almighty seems like a pretty good idea to me. When a soldier goes into battle and prays for safety, does that qualify him as an unprofessional soldier? When a father prays for the successful operation on his son or daughter, does that qualify him as an unprofessional parent?

Apparently this expert has accepted the brainwashing of the past eight years of the ultimate socialist guru of political correctness. It seems to me this aviation analyst should have saved his remarks for what caused the shaking of the plane and left his inferred comment about life and the possible hereafter to those who have faith, something he apparently does not recognize. Very unprofessional, for a professional, in my opinion.

Norman Machynski


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