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Letter: More restrooms needed for big events at harbor

More restrooms needed for big events at harbor

After we saw the article on the Outer Harbor in the July 3 News, we decided to go there on July 4 for a pleasant afternoon visit. We were amazed by several things: the number of people, the few available parking spaces, but most of all, the lack of available restrooms, portable or otherwise. We were fortunate to have located the lone portable restroom under the Skyway near where we parked. What about those who were not so lucky and had small children? The restrooms were at Wilkeson Point, a mile away from where we parked. I am in my late 60s and not necessarily ready to walk a mile each way to find a restroom.

When I phoned the Outer Harbor offices Wednesday and asked them why they did not have extra restrooms for the July 4 crowds, they really did not have a reason. I find this a mystery, especially because of the thousands of people congregating in the area. The guy who spoke with me said they would have extra facilities for the Italian Festival – you think? They should have had extra restrooms for this large crowd. It does not give Buffalo a positive image and shows a lack of consideration on the part of the Outer Harbor Commission. This seems to be a lack of planning on their part.

Diane M. Waterman

West Seneca

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