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Letter: Many people are fed up with wasteful spending

Many people are fed up with wasteful spending

In the July 1 News, a letter writer claimed that Republicans were against all taxes, and are therefore against all government-run programs. I hope his comments were tongue-in-cheek; if not, I wonder how he comes to those conclusions.

I know of no one, liberal, conservative or libertarian, who is against funding for basic services such as police, firefighters, schools (although more choice would be nice), roads and other infrastructure, national defense, border security, etc. What some of us are concerned about is wasteful spending. I personally don’t want my tax dollars spent on the Endowment for the Arts, NPR and a host of other “social” programs. If you enjoy these things, you pay for them.

And sometimes it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to worry that some unelected bureaucrat is going to declare my backyard a federal wetland because it gets soggy after a heavy rain. And don’t get me started about elected and unelected government pay scales and the size of most of these bloated bureaucracies.

If that writer wants to continue to pay excessive taxes, no one is stopping him. But most of us are getting pretty fed up with the size and direction of government at all levels.

Philip A. Kaczmarek


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