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Letter: GOP should practice civility it is preaching

GOP should practice civility it is preaching

After the recent shooting in Alexandria, Va., we are hearing from Republicans that everyone should be more civil to one another. Good.

I ask: Is it civil to take health care away from 23 million people? Is it civil to take away the progress we have made in the Clean Air and Water acts? Is it civil to run oil pipelines near to or through Native American cultural heritage sites, or through the water aquifer of many Western states? Is it civil to drill for oil in the Alaskan wildlife reserve, when we use only one-third of the already proven oil wells?

Is it civil to take away programs like food stamps and Head Start or to cut programs that help the needy or maintain our infrastructure? Is it civil to exploit other nations to maintain our standard of living? Is it civil for the rich to keep taking from the poor, to feed their excess needs?

See the smiley face Republicans, spouting platitudes, and watch how they vote in Congress.

Martin McGrath

West Seneca

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