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Letter: Democrats must drop their superior attitude

Democrats must drop their superior attitude

The E.J. Dionne and Leonard Pitts op-eds in the July 4 News rightly speak about the divided nature of things in today’s American body politic. However, said division isn’t merely about character or ideology; it’s also a matter of geography.

If you look at the 2016 election map, President Trump won 30.5 states, while Hillary Clinton got 19.5 (Maine was split). Furthermore, he won around 2,600 counties, while she managed around 500. While Trump won in Middle America (“Flyover Country”), Clinton’s wins were in the big urban areas, more so on the coasts.

Also, while Clinton was spending more of her time hobnobbing with rich donors in Hollywood, Washington and New York City, Trump was spending time in the key states, interacting with real people, and even asked in places like Flint and Detroit, Mich., “What do you have to lose?” He visited Wisconsin and Minnesota at least once after the conventions, while she apparently didn’t even give them the time of day; Trump won Wisconsin, and nearly took Minnesota.

Maybe it’s time for the elitists in the Democratic Party to drop their “superiority” attitude, and start reaching out to their fellow Americans with understanding, grace and, above all, humility.

Lloyd Marshall Jr.


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