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Editorial: Bits and pieces from the news

Hamburg Town Hall employees have finally given up a perk that allowed them to knock off work a half-hour early from Memorial Day through Labor Day. As of Monday, no more “summer hours” for members of the white-collar unit and exempt employees.

The custom was a relic from the days before air conditioning and held onto by unions as a cool bargaining chip. Buffalo and Erie County employees gave up that half-hour a while back. Any other municipality that hasn’t already should turn the (calendar) page on summer hours.

We doubt anyone will ever confuse Buffalo with London, but why not try? A touch of the great city is now tooling around the Queen City courtesy of a red double-decker tour bus, imported from England by Joel Dombrowski, a tour guide and former standup comedian.

Some suggestions: The tour should take visitors to the Tower (One Seneca), the Palace (movie theater in Hamburg), Hyde Park (Niagara Falls) and, of course, to call on the Queen (City Bike Ferry).

How not to win friends or votes:

1.) Be a high government official who is party to a government standoff that closes public amenities such as, say, ocean beaches. Make sure it’s near a national holiday so that the public will get really scorched.

2.) Lounge on one of those empty beaches with your family, because that way you are sure to attract the attention of reporters and photographers who are on the lookout for just that kind of juicy hypocrisy.

3.) Have your spokesman lie about it, saying you didn’t get any sun, then once you realize the lie has been revealed, justify it by saying you were wearing a cap so you really didn’t get any sun.

Such was the apparent thinking of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his team. Christie’s favorability ratings are already in the toilet, so maybe he thought it just didn’t matter.

At least he didn’t shut down any bridges.

How not to avoid arrest:

1.) Go to Buffalo Police Department’s Central Booking area.

2.) Disregard warnings that it’s illegal to have crack cocaine there.

3.) Get arrested.

That, police say, is what Abria Brown of Buffalo did on Wednesday. Not clever.

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