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Letter: Trump’s behavior is far from presidential

Trump’s behavior is far from presidential

I am appalled at the behavior of Donald Trump. I will not address him as president. When will the Republican Congress start making him accountable for his words and actions? An infant has more self-control than this man. His behavior is not presidential. Is this the new Republican Party?

He insults women, the disabled, every ethnic group, every race and religion. He has managed to alienate our allies. He aligns himself with dictators, leaders who murder their own people. Vladimir Putin is his hero.

If this is the way of the Republican Party, I for one will not give it any support.

He owes Mika Brzezinski an apology. His party’s senators and representatives should refuse to move his agenda forward unless he does so.

No one has the right to behave like this individual. If a child of mine acted like this man, it would not be acceptable. By Congress not holding him accountable, it is condoning his behavior.

This is who I am supposed to call my president? I think not. Trump is a disgrace and an embarrassment to my country and all Americans. Shame on the Republicans, acting like gutless wonders.

JoAnn M. Calandra

East Amherst

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