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Letter: Stop acting like brats, give Trump a chance

Stop acting like brats, give Trump a chance

When I was growing up, I was taught that the media were supposed to give both sides of the story without inserting their personal beliefs and bias. Also, respect was shown for those governing us and leading our country. What happened? Now I dread reading the newspaper or watching news on TV because I only hear one side of the story and it always concerns bias toward President Trump.

When Barack Obama was elected president, we conservatives were unhappy, but did we start riots, destroy businesses’ buildings, smash cars and fight with police and other authorities? No! We acted like mature adults and said, “OK, he is our president. Let’s give him a chance and see what he can do for our country.” When he and his administration made a total mess of our foreign relations, jobs, etc., but he was re-elected, we sighed and said, “Let’s pray that he doesn’t destroy our country in the next four years.”

What happened when Trump became president? The liberals were so mad that they acted like spoiled children who are too immature to gracefully lose the game. And they’re still acting that way, doing everything in their power to undermine Trump instead of seeing what he can do for our country.

The liberals have caused such division in the U.S. that the terrorists are becoming more confident that they will gain more ground in our country.

Remember the last time our country was divided – a devastating historical event called the Civil War! If we become so divided, the outcome will be much worse.

Joyce Lesinski


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