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Letter: New amphitheater is cause for celebration

New amphitheater is cause for celebration

Last Sunday, several thousand Chautauquans and their regional neighbors enthusiastically celebrated the creation of Chautauqua’s new amphitheater. It will serve as the primary setting for Chautauqua’s programming as its beloved, but antiquated, 1893 predecessor did.

Many who have been Chautauquans for decades supported the leaders’ decision to proceed. A number of us support efforts to preserve historic structures when the result will be a safe, supportive environment for future endeavors. In this instance, however, opponents were unable to persuade any responsible decision-maker that an alternative effort to repair and preserve the 1893 amphitheater could produce such a result.

I truly regret that a June 29 letter writer continues to attack those decision-makers with unsupported charges that they engaged in a “deceptive, unethical campaign” in undertaking this effort. Those who were not persuaded by the opponents’ evidence include the state Supreme Court justice who refused to enjoin continued work on the project.

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a stunning performance by Chautauqua’s professional and student artists in its Voice, Dance and Theater programs. The Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra and the Columbus Symphony Chorus also participated, concluding with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” The new amphitheater’s state-of-the-art capacity is a tangible gift to all of Chautauqua’s visitors. I urge readers to experience it soon, and often.

Marjorie Girth

Chautauqua and Buffalo

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