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Letter: Liberal left’s disrespect for Trump is astonishing

Liberal left’s disrespect for Trump is astonishing

President Trump fires off a less than flattering tweet about the hosts of MSNBC “Morning Joe” and the floodgates open from the liberal left. The president is unhinged, hates women and his personal and vulgar attack on Mika Brzezinski is going beyond his usual name calling.

I would agree that more prudence should be used from Trump. He should rise above the nonsense. Just because the news media found it only worthy of a few minutes of air time or print for a bloodied severed head, or a play depicting the assassination of our president, he should take the higher path and disregard the disrespect and demeaning twisted truths of these people.

God forbid if he was under suspicion for criminal actions like Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and even our previous president. CNN, MSNBC, the Times and Post would have their people wringing their hands and promoting their self-serving divine godly righteousness. Please. These people have the nerve to say: “How can I look my children in the eye and explain our president’s actions?” All their kids have to do is not watch their parents’ broadcasts. The lies, hate and vile depictions are served up like a buffet.

Trump was wrong with his tweet for sure, but the news media in general are a poor example of how to set forth a path of living one’s life. A bad tweet, bad reporting, false truths and melodramatic theater are something everyone has to work on to present any semblance of normalcy.

Mark Neupert


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