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Toxic algae season arrives; lone bloom in Sandusky Bay

Every year about this time, toxic algae blooms in western Lake Erie.

The first bloom of the season was reported Monday by the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Sandusky Bay in Ohio.

The bay is a persistently prone location for the development of toxic blue-green algae.

Sandusky Bay is socked in with hazardous blue-green algae, according to reports from the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. (NOAA GLERL)

No hazardous algal blooms are reported in the open waters of the lake, the laboratory reported.

Exposure to blue-green algae can be hazardous to humans and animals. Toxic cyanobacteria associated with the blooms can cause burns to the skin as well as complications to the liver and nervous system.

The deeper waters of eastern Lake Erie have insulated New York's shoreline from hazardous algae, however, a toxic bloom was reported as close as Presque Isle in Erie, Pa.

Green Menace of toxic algae threatening Lake Erie

Forecasters have been on alert this year because of the unusually wet spring. Storm runoff from agricultural areas in the Midwest are blamed for loading high volumes of nutrients into the shallow western basin of Lake Erie, fueling the summertime blooms.

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