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Letter: Put party politics aside, do what’s best for people

Put party politics aside, do what’s best for people

Republicans, with their “we’ll show them” attitude, have proposed another way to repeal the Affordable Care Act – and get it done before summer break at any cost – and thus show Democrats that they are the party in power and those needing affordable health care be damned.

According to an article in The News, the Congressional Budget Office said their plan would increase the number of people without health insurance by 22 million by 2026. Premiums and out-of-pocket expenses could shoot skyward for some low-income people and for people nearing retirement. When will our elitist millionaire politicians stop thinking about showing up the other party and start thinking about the people they were elected to represent? How about we, as their employers, drop their Cadillac insurance coverage and make them take the same coverage they propose for us peons?

These self-serving people are completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to be serving and/or don’t care. We need to stop being a government by the rich for the rich and return to a government by the people for the people.

David J. Walczak


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