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Letter: Legalizing drugs is a terrible idea

Legalizing drugs is a terrible idea

My rant of the day is in regard to drugs. Let us not confuse the issue here. More drugs or a different drug is not the answer. Blaming those trying to help is not the answer. Enabling the dopers with free needles and shoot-up sites is not the answer. Weak drug laws are not the answer.

The answer is better education, early intervention and stricter enforcement of drug laws against dealers and corporate drug pushers. The answer is reporting all dopers and protecting the children of dopers. The answer is breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect of children. The answer is more intervention by Child Protective Services, schools and courts. The answer is community activists against drugs, not advocates for legalization.

Never, never, never legalization. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, if you advocate legalization of drugs you are part of the problem. I urge all caring people to contact their representatives and speak out against drugs.

Joseph S. Guadagno

West Seneca

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