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Letter: It’s nice to see karma catch up with Collins

It’s nice to see karma catch up with Collins

Troopers, deputies and local patrols in Western New York might want be on the lookout for a man who boasts of carrying a concealed weapon and could be considered dangerous. Rep. Chris Collins’ pot of gold at rainbow’s end turned out to be fool’s gold, and he lost millions. The stock of Innate Immunotherapeutics, the medical company he’s been touting and bragging about to no end, has gone bust and his congressional colleagues, family and others who ponied up to buy it on his suggestion may be gunning for him. No doubt the House Ethics Committee is hot on his trail, as well, for Collins’ votes on issues that could have affected his personal stock holding.

Collins perhaps dreams of his hero, President Trump, riding into town on a white stallion with a pardon and an offer of a job in the White House or Cabinet (lately, those seem to open up rather frequently).

Aren’t we fortunate to have as our U.S. House representative a man who not only entertains and amuses us on CNN, but lights up the news and business pages of The News with both his political antics and the rise of his penny stock pick and, now, its downfall?

Michael Hart

East Aurora

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