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Letter: Google’s ad blocking attacks net neutrality

Google’s ad blocking attacks net neutrality

Google has announced that its new Chrome web browser will block ads automatically. All ads? No, not all, just the annoying ones. Who defines what “annoying” is? Well, Google, of course!

Turns out if you bought your ad from Google it probably won’t get blocked. If you’re ad is private (non-Google) then there’s a pretty good chance it will be “annoying.”

This means more advertisers will be forced to buy their ads from Google – meaning more ads will become unblocked – meaning Chrome eventually becomes useless, once again, at blocking ads.

So with this new back-handed attack on net neutrality, the sixth-richest man in the world gets richer at the expense of the other 99.99 percent of us who have no other choice for searching the web than using the monopoly called Google.

Remember when Google’s motto was “do no evil”? Almost sounds comical now that it has its hands around the throat of the internet.

Phil Parshall


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