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Letter: Euthanasia is preferable to endless days in a cage

Euthanasia is preferable to endless days in a cage

No true animal lover wants to think of his pet suffering. That’s why we are given the option of euthanizing our pets to eliminate their endless enduring pain or discomfort as a result of an incurable ailment. Well, there is another type of animal suffering that most of us seldom consider, and that is the caging of animals for indefinite periods of time as a result of the SPCA’s “do not kill” policy.

There are many animals that are just unadoptable. These animals are caged for very long periods of time. What about their suffering being confined in close quarters? Keeping unadoptable animals caged prevents these cages from being used by other animals that could very well be adoptable.

If the SPCA is filled to capacity, what options are left to our canine and feline friends if they are no longer wanted for whatever reason? Many are subjected to abuse, or just dropped off anywhere to fend for themselves, resulting in their unknown fate.

Having euthanasia as an available option for many of those unadoptable pets is more humane than indefinite incarceration in a confining enclosure. After a predetermined length of time, if an animal is still not adopted into a loving home, it should be humanely put to sleep with a simple injection. At that time, that pet’s confined suffering will end, leaving the caged home available to some other unwanted pet, who could very well be adopted rather than cast aside to whatever fate.

Ken LaDue


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