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Letter: Cuomo needs to stop imposing more taxes

Cuomo needs to stop imposing more taxes

What a surprise that liberal Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to impose yet another tax on the hardworking taxpayers and retirees of New York State to pay for Medicaid.

Is it any wonder that so many people leave this state? New York provides the most generous Medicaid benefit in the country and county executives over the last 40 years have complained that this is the main reason for the high property taxes that we pay.

I agree with Rep. Chris Collins that it is Cuomo’s responsibility to fund the budget cuts to make up for the lost revenues that will go back to county taxpayers if the Faso-Collins amendment becomes law. If Cuomo can’t find 2 percent savings in one of the most bloated state budgets in the country, maybe it’s time for New Yorkers to hire someone who can. How about cutting welfare benefits for refugees? They seem to be more of a priority for this governor and his New York City cronies than hardworking taxpayers and retirees.

Frank Speranza


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