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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending March 3.

• Green Road, Joseph D. Critelli to Brian Lonneville; Karly Lonneville, $25,000.

• Ridge Road, Seth A. Joseph to Daniel F. Waters; Rachel N. Waters, $135,000.
• County Line Road, Panek Family to Timothy J. Mast, $6,100.

• 668 Ridge Road, Richard Ries to Diane Bishop, $162,400.
• 692 Sattle Drive, Diane L. Truhlik; Edward Truhlik to Suzanne E. Tower, $85,000.
• 1146 Saunders Settlement Road, Blb Resources -Att; HUD /att to Ted Ackley, $70,055.
• Wolf Run, Jerald I. Wolfgang; Joan W. Wolfgang to Forbes Homes, $65,000.

• Coolidge Ave., Beast To Beauty Development to Megan Denise Zuchlewski; Talon Riley Zuchlewski, $145,000.
• 61 Treehaven Drive, Diane Vacanti; Steven Vacanti to Kathryn Anderson; Stephen A. Anderson, $135,000.
• Hoover Parkway, Rosalie T. Nagy to Jane A. Dupont, $110,000.
• 149 South Transit St., Jeffrey V. Courtemanche; Jessica R. Fraser to HSBC Bank USA NA, $102,761.
• Priscilla Lane, Mary E. Furlong; Eric W. Hartz to Edward Ubiles; Melanie S. Ubiles, $101,500.
• Priscilla Lane, Sean Lewis to Andrew Godfrey; Yvonne Mitchell, $86,920.
• South St., Community Papers of Western New York; Mark S. Wallach to Sheryl A. Campbell-Julien; David M. Julien, $30,000.

• Crestfield Lane, Michael Griffin; Michael C. Griffin; Susanne E. Griffin to Andrew F. Bluhm, $300,000.
• Sherwood Drive, Sonia C. Werner; Theodore J. Werner to Michael Griffin; Susanne Griffin, $260,000.
• 6551 Emily Lane, HUD to Ted Ackley, $134,055.
• 5331 Keck Road, Patrick R. Bulmer to Matthew James Bulmer; Valerie Rose Bulmer, $70,000.
• 4853 Gothic Hill Road, Household Finance Realty Corp of NY to Mark Mangold; Suzanne Mangold, $60,000.
• 5861 West Jackson St., Randy J. Lamont; Tawny R. Lamont; Tawny Roberts to Tawny Roberts; Tawny R. Roberts, $18,050.

• Francis St., Patricia A. Pane; David D. Stahl; John M. Stahl to Deanna G. Luckman; Seth M. Luckman, $78,000.

• 3484 Murphy Road, State of New York Mortgage Agency to Madalyn K. Porter, $80,000.
• 7185 Lake Road, Sasco Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-Wf2; US Bank National Assoc -Tr /att; Wells Fargo Bank NA -Att to James Bittner, $66,000.

• 2117 Military Road, Peter A Lamarca Realty Corporation to Arsh Preet, $260,000.
• 8443 Homestead Ave., Patrick L. Mccalister to Kondaur Capital Corporation -Tr; Matawin Ventures Trust, $99,245.
• 4551 Creekside Parkway, Brandon Jackson; Theodore B. Jackson to Lsf8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $90,459.
• Ontario Ave., Jeffrey M. Shanahan to Erica L. Mccaster, $69,010.
• 58th St., Mary Gabner to Denise Christy, $68,900.
• 2748 Monroe Ave., Emilio Colaiacovo; Margaret Diludovico; Peter Stepanian to Fannie Mae, $68,403.
• 453 24th St., Kc Erie Niagara Properties to DHGF, $44,500.
• 718 85th St., M & T Bank to Anasha Renata Lootawon, $34,700.
• 1923 Cudaback Ave., Donna Marie Bowden; Angela K. Hicks; Homer Hicks to Eric D. Middleton, $30,000.
• Sixteenth St., Claudia Susan; Claudia-Susan; Louis E. Muzzillo to Evyonne Mack, $29,000.
• 456 27th St., Donald R. Tilkins to N F Homes, $22,000.
• 2235 Ontario Ave., Corp /att Pennymac; Pennymac Loan Services -Att to Kyle Conlan, $18,261.
• Beach Ave., Delta Funding Home Equity Loan Trust /att; Ocwen Loan Servicing -Att; Wells Fargo Bank National Association -Tr to Dasmen M. Cary, $12,924.

• Homestead Drive, Geniene Goranites; James Goranites to Karen Steffan, $225,000.
• Abington Place, Miller H. Charles; Lynn E. Miller to Sarah R. Borowiec, $212,000.
• Fairmont Ave., Edward May; Lorraine May to John J. Nuchereno, $170,000.
• 563 Meadowbrook Drive, Matthew P. Borowiec; Sarah R. Borowiec to Brian K. Williams Jr., $162,074.
• 836 Ohio Ave & 828 Ohio Ave., Charles S. Sprigg; Christopher C. Sprigg; Timothy R. Tiebor to HSBC Bank USA NA, $117,007.
• 174 14th Ave., Jessica Elmore; Jessica D. Elmore to Casey A. Treichler; Todd W. Treichler, $78,000.
• 305 Tremont St., Cassandra E. Long; Michael D. Long to Stephanie E. Goerss, $73,500.
• Oliver St., Margaret Hurtubise; Stephen Hurtubise; Betsy Jackson to Michael R. Hurtubise, $50,000.
• Third Ave., Martin Isenberg to Alexander Lebron Sr.; Tina M. Lebron, $50,000.

• 290 Brookshire Drive, Norma Bugyi to Gino Albini, $17,926.

• 381 Ontario St., John P. Hager; Rita M. Hager to Victor Pimentel, $300,000.
• 4579 East Lake Road, Caliber Real Estate Services -Att; Lsf8 Master Participation Trust /att; US Bank Trust NA -Tr/att to Nashwinter E. David; Mary Ann Nashwinter, $69,900.

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