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Tonawanda sub eater finds 'No Parking' sign hard to stomach

Close readers of the tale of Tonawanda's sub eater know John Pawlowski has been on the disabled list since he ruptured the quadriceps tendons in both legs in May while playing floor hockey.

But, when Pawlowski's father, Paul, visited from Arizona recently, he insisted on seeing Pawlowski's favorite sub shop and the street where his son famously takes his weekly lunch break.

Injuries, not neighbors, to keep famous sub eater from lunch by favorite tree

Pawlowski still has immobilizing braces on both knees so he said his father "loaded me into the back seat like luggage." Pawlowski got his usual order – ham, turkey, lettuce and Swiss sub – and his father got the same, but with mayo.

"He thinks I have terrible taste," Pawlowski said with a laugh.

But when they got to Zimmerman Boulevard and his favorite parking spot,  Pawlowski saw a sign on his favorite tree.

"No Parking Here Today."

It gave him pause, until he saw the signs posted on trees up and down Zimmerman. It turns out the town was preparing to repave the street.

"It wasn't just to keep me out of there," said Pawlowski, who posted about his "sneak attack" visit on Facebook.

Barbara Tucker, who lives on the street, reports that the road work is done, in plenty of time for Pawlowski to make his official return, under his own power, to the Tailgate Deli and Zimmerman.

Tailgate Deli serves internet sensation's favorite sub

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