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Letter: Without some taxes, nation would collapse

Without some taxes, nation would collapse

If taxes are a horrible burden, as Republicans preach, let’s get rid of all of them.

Republicans tell us we should be free. Well, without taxes, you will be free to defend yourself. Just strap on a sidearm. What could possibly go wrong? Your house on fire? Go get your garden hose and put it out. Your children need instruction? Home schooling is the answer. Did invaders come across the border? Don’t forget, you’re armed. Are you sick? Check the book of home remedies.

We don’t need those expensive government constructs of police, firefighters, schools, military, politicians and hospitals, along with health insurance.

Without taxes, you will have freedom to take care of yourself. Freedom, after all, is worth any cost. Isn’t that right?

Richard Czarnecki


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