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Cargo shorts are still kickin' in Buffalo

Even before I heard that The Buffalo News was republishing a piece on cargo shorts written last summer by Alyssa Fisher, who was the intern in our Features Department, I had a picture in my mind of a guy I had spotted earlier in the day.

He was walking around with a to-go cup of coffee in one of the pockets of his cargo shorts.

Was it empty? I wondered. Half empty? And what did he have in the other pockets? Creamer? A partially eaten doughnut?

Fisher, who was born and raised in Florida, had raised a bigger question shortly after her arrival to Western New York: "What’s up with the cargo shorts?"

Visitor to Buffalo: What’s with all the cargo shorts?

Where she came from, "boys were shunned if they left the house in cargo shorts after middle school," she wrote. Her story – published last July – made the list of most-read stories of the week.

Fisher left Buffalo at the end of the summer - and not because of the negative comments from people who read the piece. She moved on. But cargo shorts, it appears, are here to stay.


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