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Letter: People should never walk with their back to traffic

People should never walk with their back to traffic

Do you want to save a pedestrian’s life? You can by simply advocating the following: Always walk facing traffic.

I wish we could count on the driver of a car traveling the same road to always be aware of where she/he is driving, but history has proven that to be wishful thinking. Texting, phoning, eating, primping, tending to a child or pet are but a few of reasons why a driver is distracted and may momentarily swerve into the pedestrian’s path.

If you are facing an oncoming car and see this happening, you will have the opportunity to move out of the way. However, if you are walking with traffic, and the wayward car is at your back, you will not see this happening, and it may cost you your life.

I am a senior citizen and this was rammed into our heads as children. I wonder why this very important advice has been lost to today’s walkers?

Marge McMillen

East Amherst

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