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Letter: Former jail attendant merits harsher sentence

Former jail attendant merits harsher sentence

The News did a good job bringing to public awareness the details of the recent abuse of a prisoner by an attendant in the city cellblock. But it is incredulous that the defendant is only facing up to 21 months of imprisonment. Which means it could be several months less.

Did people read the severity of physical torment and trauma he put the victim through? He pushed the handcuffed suspect face first into a metal door and then dragged him more than 10 feet to a cell. This was a murderous act and reflects great cruelty and sadism. And it once again suggests absolutely poor leadership and a culture of absent supervision in our local law enforcement facilities.

Now the defendant has tested positive for cocaine. Yet his bail was not revoked. Here’s something for you to consider: The tough-talking judge told him last week there will be “zero tolerance. … If you violate again you will be incarcerated.” I thought he was headed to jail regardless.

Don’t be surprised if this felon’s drug abuse becomes an ameliorating factor in his sentencing, such that rehab will trump justice.

David Casassa


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