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Letter: Canadians are happy with their health care

Canadians are happy with their health care

Sally Pipes’ Another Voice column claimed that the national health care system in Canada is bad. She forgot to tell us that no national politician in Canada has run on a platform to scrap its national health care system for what we have in the states. There’s a reason for that. He or she would lose the election.

A few years ago, Canada ran a contest to name the “Greatest Canadian Ever.” The winner was a legislator who first proposed that Canada adopt a national health care system.

But don’t take my word for it. We’re blessed here in Western New York because we’re just a short drive from Fort Erie, Hamilton or Toronto, Ontario. I’d suggest whenever over there, you drop into a local restaurant and chat with Canadians, especially seniors, who probably utilize their national health care system often, and ask their opinion of Canada’s system. You might be surprised.

Herb Mosher

Orchard Park

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