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Jim Kelly: 'I would love to play under these rules'

Long before "Kelly Tough" became the inspirational theme behind Jim Kelly's battle with cancer, the former Buffalo Bills quarterback had established a reputation for being one of the tougher players in pro football history.

He withstood tremendous beatings during two seasons in the United States Football League and throughout his 11 NFL seasons to perform well enough to earn a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

That doesn't mean Kelly wouldn't have preferred taking less punishment, as is the case with rules established well after his retirement in 1997.

"I would love to play under these rules," Kelly said during his 30th annual youth football camp. "The quarterbacks are protected more, which, if you hear anybody complain about it, ask them to complain after the quarterback that they're pulling for gets hit, is out of the game and the backup's in the game. You don't want that.

"So I think it's a lot better for the game that they protect the quarterback, they're protecting the wide receivers more because of injuries."

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