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Fichtner happy to be back home as film starts shooting in Buffalo

William Fichtner could see the set already.

"We'll put a light there, and a camera," he said Tuesday, pointing to corners around the central hall of the Buffalo History Museum.

The museum, along with locations in East Aurora and elsewhere in Buffalo, will become the sets where the Cheektowaga-raised actor will film his directorial debut, "Cold Brook." Filming here starts Wednesday and stretches through July.

Fichtner, who will be starring alongside Kim Coates, of "Sons of Anarchy" fame, and Brad Kenke, of "Orange Is the New Black," explained at the news conference Tuesday how the independent film came about and the excitement about shooting in Buffalo.

"Life takes you everywhere," Fichtner said. "But nothing could be more exciting for me than to be back here."

In recounting how he snagged actors, investors and other partners for the film, Fichtner said that Buffalo isn't hard to sell.

"You should be so proud of your boy, Billy, because he is Buffalo," Coates said when introducing his co-star, who also co-wrote and co-produced the film.

The stars and other members of the film's team were joined by Mayor Byron W. Brown and state Sen. Patrick Gallivan, who were involved in landing the project in Western New York.

Filming starts Wednesday in Buffalo on William Fichtner's new movie

"He is a hometown hero," Brown said of Fichtner. "He is, in my estimation, one of the greatest character actors of his time."

Brown said the city's police and fire departments will work to accommodate the film. The planned level of flexibility, he said, could lure more movies to the city.

"This is Bill's passion. It's his directorial debut, and all along he wanted to film it in Western New York," Brown said.

Along with residences and businesses in Buffalo, the team will be filming in Tony Rome's hotel in East Aurora.

The familiar face and down-to-earth attitude of actor William Fichtner

"It's great to see a crew coming down," East Aurora Village Mayor Allan Kasprzak said at the news conference, adding, "Keep 'em rolling."

A release describes "Cold Brook" as a story of two small-town men who embark on a big-time adventure and, ultimately, do the right thing.

Fichtner said there are over 30 speaking roles in the film and that he has cast 24 of those with local actors.

Those on set in the coming weeks will wave if you see them, Fichtner said. Just don't honk.

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