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Letter: Monopolies are not good for consumers

Monopolies are not good for consumers

Just in case you aren’t paying close attention to the business sector, Jeff Bezos is trying to take over the world.

The Amazon founder also owns Zappos, the Washington Post and soon Whole Foods. Amazon has put many a retailer, large and small, out of business.

Monopolies are never good for consumers. They limit choice, decrease overall quality of service and products and, worst of all, do not encourage good stewardship.

According to the International Trade Union Confederation, which represents 180 million workers worldwide, Bezos was the winner of the world’s worst boss.

And, according to, Bezos has been criticized for being “stingy” when it comes to charity. This is in stark contrast to Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett and others who are at the top of the giving tree, according to Forbes.

I continue to support Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and homegrown vendors whenever possible. Free markets and competition – it’s the American way!

Wynne Elizabeth Trinca

East Amherst

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