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Letter: Media need to watch Mueller like a hawk

Media need to watch Mueller like a hawk

How often in life do we get a chance to redeem ourselves? Robert Mueller is a perfect opportunity for the media to do so. Their approval rating is low because the public largely distrusts them. Examples? Let me count the ways. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, spying on the public, including the Trump campaign. None worthy of the media’s attention!

James Comey has shown himself to be a political operative: pretending to investigate Hillary Clinton, caving to Loretta Lynch’s obstructive pressure to lie about the nature of the investigation of Clinton’s email server, leaking information to the media in hopes (successfully) of getting a special investigator named, who is now hiring Democratic donors as his staff.

Since Mueller is obviously under a cloud because of the background of his appointment, the media have a unique opportunity to exercise the skepticism that is supposed to be their trademark.

Mueller’s hands are not clean and he needs to be watched like a hawk. Can we hope the media will rise to the occasion?

John M. Chilcott

Lake View

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