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Letter: Paladino was exercising his right to free speech

Paladino was exercising his right to free speech

Whether you agree or disagree, Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino is not the issue. Freedom of speech is the issue.

Lately, it would seem that unless you are a liberal Democrat, your right to free speech has limitations imposed by those with sensitive feelings and a self-appointed censorship of ideas. Ideas that, if not in agreement with their own, often result in a violent confrontation.

So you strongly disagree with what Paladino said. Then why aren’t you also up in arms about the congressman’s shooting at the baseball diamond in Virginia by a Bernie Sanders supporter? Had the shooter been a conservative right-wing extremist targeting Democrats, would this change your opinion on the crime committed? I believe it would. We have become a nation divided along political lines and racial boundaries. How did we get this way? The last eight years may have something to do with it.

Will we continue to take the bait left by the previous administration? Think about this for a moment. What is this all about? It is about how to control a population by those who want to undermine our American heritage and impose their own agenda – a globalist agenda – a New World Order agenda. How, you ask? Divide and conquer is one way.

Removal of God from everything possible is another. It removes faith and hope from a society desperately needing it. Democrats’ answer? Substitute government-sponsored public assistance making the impoverished dependent upon government and keeping it that way by allowing domestic jobs to go overseas. Run up the national debt. This weakens America and its economy. Does this at all sound familiar?

Carl’s frustration played out in front of the public, thus making him a poster boy for liberal leaders’ vengeance.

One can only wonder how this impacts free speech.

Charles D. Carter


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