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Letter: Developer is misleading the public on Elmwood

Developer is misleading the public on Elmwood

Mark Chason’s June 19 Another Voice is meant to lull people into thinking the developers just need a few minor variances in order to push their project through. But the devil is in the details. They aren’t seeking width variance of just 10 or 15 feet, but a variance of 200 feet!

The current rule is combining no more than two parcels for a structure, yet they claim they legally combined 12 parcels before the new rules went into effect. (So far, cannot find the paperwork to verify this.)

The comprehensive vision for development in the city is embodied in the Green Code. And yes, the Elmwood Village is given special status because it is special; a relatively intact, small scale, century old neighborhood of small businesses and residences for varying income levels from wealthy to middle class to working class.

The new build at the corner of Elmwood and Delavan avenues is all the proof one needs that the Elmwood Village will lose its unique character and feel if the height, width and other limits of the Green Code are not enforced. Yes, the devil is surely in the details.

Call the Zoning Board as soon as possible. They may rule on Chason Affinity’s requests for multiple variances soon.

Susan M. Davis


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