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In the blink of an eye ...

It’s here. High school graduation. Like many parents, I have mixed emotions – including feeling excited about my daughter embarking on a new life at college.

If only I survive senior summer.

Come late August, we will no longer have the cello in the living room, the pile of shoes by the back door, the backpack on the kitchen chair. Our inventory of phone and laptop chargers will diminish. There will be less juggling of cars in the driveway (she and her friends never really got the parking thing down) and fewer clothes that need to be line-dried.

Certain things – almond milk, bags of frozen fruit for smoothies – will disappear from the grocery list. Those are her staples, not ours.

So as I prepare for the send-off later this summer, a list quickly forms in my mind of things to which I will be saying “goodbye” and “hello”:

Say goodbye to laundry on the bedroom floor.
Say hello to laundry coming home in a big bag at Thanksgiving.

Say goodbye to texts from another floor.
Say hello to texts from another city.

Say goodbye to multiple bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the shower.
Say hello to an uncluttered bathroom counter.

Say goodbye to parent-teacher conferences.
Say hello to Parents Weekend.

Say goodbye to face-to-face time.
Say hello to FaceTime.

Say goodbye to healthy packed lunches.
Say hello to wondering if she is eating well.

Say goodbye to school trip expenses.
Say hello to tuition.

I know that some readers have followed my daughter in this column since she was very young. How quickly the years have passed since I wrote about kindergarten. You can read that column here.

It’s been quite a ride. Thank you for being part of it.

Now, the journey continues.

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