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Letter: The addiction crisis requires a concentrated effort by all

The addiction crisis requires a concentrated effort by all

Let’s look at the crisis of all addiction in a new way. We should open centers in each county, a mini hospital where people seeking treatment for opioid addiction could receive the help they need in one place.

First they could see a doctor, attend help groups and access additional resources. They would know that they have a special place to go, ending the confusion of where to go or how to pay for the care they need. We could even set up a system on getting to the center by providing free cab rides.

As it is now, people who need help get seen in a hospital and then get released only to fall back into the same environment that got them there. In other words, back to drugs. They are really helpless once the addiction takes hold.

The solution would help those addicted, long-term. It would help them take back their lives.

Also, whenever we talk about addiction we need to get a phone number to call and repeat the number for help just like we do for 911. Something easy to remember. Keep a card with the help line phone number in your wallet and if you see someone in need of help, hand it to them.

Let’s all get into the fight because it affects us all.

David Ruzzine


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