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Letter: Taxpayers should know how their money is spent

Taxpayers should know how their money is spent

As the 2017 Legislative session comes to an end, I wanted to express my disdain for the lack of transparency in Albany. On June 7, I participated in a press conference that announced legislation to require more transparency in how taxpayer money is spent.

Every year, the governor strong-arms the Legislature into passing budgets that include large pots of money earmarked for specific projects without any explanation to the taxpayer of how that money is to be spent. Typically money is allocated to projects like the Buffalo Billion to pay corrupt political contributors for funding campaigns.

Taxpayers deserve better from our government. That’s why I’m calling on the speaker of the Assembly to help pass legislation that would create a Lump Sum Allocation Advisory Committee to review all allocations and make sure that money is spent properly and with integrity.

I’ve been working hard in Albany to pass measures that require more transparency between government and the taxpayer. It’s my hope that my colleagues and the governor will join me in this effort.

Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio

147th Assembly District

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