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Letter: Does the president deserve our support?

Does the president deserve our support?

President Trump deserves our support and respect for at least three reasons.

First of all, with his frequent tweets, Trump allows all Americans to witness his extraordinary mind at work. No matter that he misspells more words than a first-grader or makes statements so vague and misleading that only he knows what he is saying – even if he cannot explain them himself.

And no matter that his trite criticisms of entertainers and television shows distract from the important issues that should occupy a president’s time and attention. The point is that he shares his opinions with those of us who don’t care what he says or means as long as he invites us into the conversation.

Second, Trump’s ties to Russia mark him as an open-minded independent who is willing to communicate with a volatile and unpredictable world leader. No matter that he alienates and disparages our allies and jeopardizes our standing in the world. Some things take precedence, and Trump, even if he offers no rationale for his remarks and decisions, must have some inkling as to what those things are.

Third, Trump’s generous evaluation of Kim Jong Un as a “smart gentleman” proves his open-mindedness toward those who are not American citizens. No matter that he wants to build a wall to keep the bad hombres from entering our country or that he intends to enforce travel bans to restrict Muslims and other nationalities from our shores.

He knows the peace of mind that comes from living in Trump Tower and looking down from its lofty height on the peons of the world. He wants everyone to enjoy the security of financial independence that he feels.

Thomas Renzi


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