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Letter: Collins should stop stirring emotions with his comments

Collins should stop stirring emotions with his comments

Chris Collins’ recent rant about left-wing protests was an outrageous attempt to politically capitalize on a tragedy that befell a colleague. His claim that the “die-in” protest at his office contributed to the heinous shooting in Alexandria goes beyond the pale. He ought to be censured by the House.

Our multimillionaire Congressman Collins has known for some time that Americans die prematurely from the lack of affordable health care.

Nonetheless, Collins and his Republican colleagues spinelessly abandoned regular order and passed the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without first the getting the Congressional Budget Office score, which projected that 23 million Americans will lose their health insurance if the ACA is repealed. Anger and protest are completely appropriate and justified responses and should not have been classified by Collins as violence-inducing rhetoric.

If just 1 percent of those without health insurance die because of it, then Collins’ vote to repeal the ACA will have significantly contributed to the premature deaths of 230,000 Americans.

This is not fake, left-wing, or radical mathematics. Rather, it is a simple application of the law of averages.

If Collins feels he needs a gun to talk to his own constituents at a town hall, then that is fine with me for now.

I will be there, armed with nothing more than a sign that says, “give me a congressman who is willing to face his constituents without a gun.”

Anthony J. Macula


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